UASIMAP for self-reflection tool

This self-reflection tool will enable UAS to measure (or better to map) their engagement activities and contributions to regions, and the results and impact on the local economy including public and private sector stakeholders.

The tool is intended to support internal QA assurance of UAS and, therefore, complement use of the European Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance by addressing teaching, learning and research (and other dimensions) as relevant to regional engagement.

The tool captures the multidimensional nature of regional engagement of UAS and will contribute to the critical evaluation of this engagement.

In order to do so four dimensions will be assessed:

  1. Providing Capacity for Regional Strategy Development;
  2. Developing Talents, Skills and Competencies reflecting Regional Needs and Opportunities;
  3. Promoting Regional Development through User-inspired Research, Development and Innovation;
  4. Enhancing Social, Civic and Cultural Activities of the Regions’ Community.

Click on Self-reflection to start filling out the assessment for your Institution. After submitting the assessment, you may compare your answers with answers of other users via Benchmarking.